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With the rise of innovation in South-east Asia, we strive to empower rockstar entrepreneurs across the region.

Ivest Capital is an investment fund based in Singapore. We invest in early-stage startups to create impact across Southeast Asia. We focus investing companies in South East Asia.

Investment Strategy

We are looking at the Seed to Series A companies in Southeast Asia and our typical ticket size is from USD 1 million to USD 3 million. We are interested in Startups which could scale rapidly with technology. We like impactful sectors such as e-commerce, fintech, edutech, mobile apps, digital health etc. We are quite open when it comes to co-investing with other investors or leading the investment from our end.

Investing in People

Ultimately, Ivest Capital invests in people. The risk of investing in early stage start-ups has been the highest among all investments. Therefore we focus more on building the relationship with the founders. We believe people is the most important factor for creating a successful company.

Impact Focus

We are an advocate for a range of social good initiatives across Asia for financial inclusion, gender, job creation, healthcare and education for the underserved. We look for founders who are solving the real issues and deliver the impact across Southeast Asia.

Strategic Value

We help our companies to on the corporate finance such as raising the next round, exit strategy planning after our investment. Previously we have helped our companies raise the next round and exits .

We focus investing companies in Southeast Asia.

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